Susan Young GaudielloPresident                  Barrington 

Ed Moran, Vice President                                  Bedford     

Carol Snelling, Secretary                                  Holderness

Marty DavisAssistant Secretary                      Claremont 

Mark Branoff, Treasurer                                    Windham    

Conrad Moses, Past President                          East Kingston

Mary Castelli, Director                                       Chichester

Janice Clark, Director                                        Deerfield    

Constance Kirwin, Director                               Antrim       

Katrinka Pellecchia, Director                             Lee           

Bert Saul, Director                                              Holderness

Liz Tentarelli, Director                                        Newbury   

Lillian Edelmann, Emeritus Director                          

Conrad Moses: Technical Advisor 
Marty Davis
: NHLTA liaison to the New Hampshire Library Association (NHLA)
Bert Saul: NHLTA liaison to the New Hampshire State Library (NHSL)
Michael York: Liaison from the New Hampshire State Library (NHSL)
Sylvie Brikiatis: Liaison from the New Hampshire Library Association (NHLA)
The Board of Directors represents the interests of the membership and has the responsibility for establishing, guiding, and assessing the overall direction of the organization and providing adequate support and resources to accomplish its mission.

                          Susan Young Gaudiello
At the June 1, 2016 Board meeting, the directors elected Susan Young Gaudiello,
President of the association, effective as of July 1 for the 2016-17 term.

Susan has been a very active director, serving as Chair of the Education Committee
which included the management and organization of the Annual Conference and
other workshops throughout the year. She also developed and implemented the
Conference Sponsorships program.

CONTINUE READING her biography in the Summer issue of the newsletter.