EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE is the administrative body of the Board, with final responsibility for execution of the policies of the Board.  2016-17 ANNUAL REPORT
Members: Susan Young Gaudiello (President), Ed Moran (Vice President), Carol Snelling (Secretary), Mark Branoff (Treasurer), Conrad Moses (Past President)
GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE is responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality, effectiveness, and future viability of the board of directors.  2016-17 ANNUAL REPORT  
Members: Susan Young Gaudiello (Chair), Mary Castelli, Constance Kirwin, Thomas Ladd, Ed Moran, Conrad Moses
FINANCE COMMITTEE provides fiscal oversight to the NHLTA Board of Directors and administers scholarships.
Members: Mark Branoff (Chair), Thomas Wallace, Loring Webster
EDUCATION COMMITTEE provides training and resources to meet the educational needs and requirements of the Board of Directors and the membership.  2016-17 ANNUAL REPORT  
Members: Janice Clark (Co-Chair), Liz Tentarelli (Co-Chair), Susan Young Gaudiello (Sponsorships), Mark Branoff, Dee Santoso, Carol Snelling,  Conrad Moses (Technical Advisor)
COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE provides communications between the Board of Directors, the NHLTA membership and the public, in a timely, accurate manner, consistent and in alignment with the organization’s strategic plan, including mission, vision and values.  2016-17 ANNUAL REPORT 
Members: Constance Kirwin (Chair)/Website, Adele Knight/Newsletter Editor, Marty Davis/ Membership, Katrinka Pellecchia/Promotion, Conrad Moses (Technical Advisor)
LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE is responsible for developing a program for providing input and influence to the state legislative process.  2016-17 ANNUAL REPORT
Members: Ed Moran (Chair), Mary Castelli, Susan Young Gaudiello, Thomas Ladd
TECHNOLOGY TASK FORCE is charged with researching, evaluating, and developing methods that support NHLTA's mission of educating trustees in an effective and efficient manner. Group Leader: Conrad Moses
The NHLTA President is an ex officio member of all committees.