Thank you to our sponsors and attendees
for a successful 2019 Conference

PREMIER SPONSOR                             PLENARY SESSION
Charter Trust Company, Concord                    Sheerr McCrystal Palson Architecture, Concord



BREAKFAST SPONSOR                                 
North Branch Construction, Concord                 

avallee|Brensinger Architects, Manchester                                             TD Bank, Manchester


Bauen Corporation, Meredith                                     
Dennis Mires The Architects, Manchester   

Milestone, Concord

Tucker Library Interiors, Bedford

Christopher P. Williams Architects, PLLC  Meredith
Geo. M. Stevens & Son Insurance  Littleton


2018 Conference "Refresh & Refocus"

“It was the best NHLTA conference I've attended in seven years. All of my board came away inspired and feeling they had acquired some new perspectives. The presenters were very well prepared and professional. Just keep up the good work of this conference, and you'll be fine.”

... these conferences provide a lot of food for thought and action.
“This [workshop—I Didn’t Know Libraries Did THAT!] was a good way to end the day with sharing of ideas about all the ways library serve their communities outside our traditional role!”
“There were some great ideas in this workshop [Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces] and a few of them might even work for our small library.

Thank you to our sponsors, exhibitors, and supporters:
Charter Trust Company, SMP Architecture, Lavallee|Brensinger Architects, Tennant Goucher Architects, Milestone Engineering & Construction, Tucker Library Interiors, Christopher P. Williams Architects, Warrenstreet Architects, Samyn D'elia Architects, USDA Rural Development, North Branch Construction, ReVision Energy, David King Architects, Geo. M. Stevens & Son Insurance.


Good Governance = Great Libraries = Fantastic 2017 Conference
About 300 trustees, alternates, library directors, and friends enjoyed a full-day immersion into all things “library related”. Attendees left the conference with ‘value added.’ A sampling of comments included “Timely offering on solar power.” “Lots of practical information for including older adults—our fastest growing demographic.” “I came away with even more information about the Right-to-Know law.” Praise was also given about the presenters: “An absolutely excellent speaker and it is obvious she knows library RSAs.”
Comments and feedback, including suggestions for future workshop are valuable towards future conference planning. Thank you to all who attended and thanks the sponsors. Their support enables us to present a quality conference while keeping our registration fees low.  


Conference Workshop Presentations
Downloadable PDFs of PowerPoint slides are available on the Conference/Resources page.